The Essential Platform Used by Smart City Leaders

Citylinx is a unified and scalable hypervision platform that enables cities and municipalities to collect, analyze, and visualize data from sensors and other connected devices.

Hypervision Simplified

Citylinx is a turnkey solution that enables cities and municipalities to quickly and easily deploy a hypervision system.

A Versatile Platform

Citylinx can seamlessly be adapted to cater to the unique and specific needs of every individual city or municipality.

A Comprehensive Solution

Citylinx provides a wide range of use cases that cater to diverse urban needs, from infrastructure management to public safety enhancements.


Building energy efficiency
Streetlight Energy savings
Smart parking occupancy
Indoor/outdoor air quality monitoring
Water leak detection
Waste collection optimization
Environmental Monitoring
Smart Mobility
– Traffic Counting
Urban Safety & Security


Committed to Interoperability

Citylinx is committed to help you deploy fully interoperable connected solutions through a strong engagement in large industrial & international alliance.


Reims, the city hypervision platform

Brussels, 80,000 connected light points

SYDEV, multi energy monitoring and smart control of solar auto-consumption

Andel Lumen, Danish Smart City integrator with multiple projects on Streetlighting, parking occupacy and environmental monitoring

Urban Control, creating intelligent and connected spaces through the use of advanced technology

Schreder, getting the most out of connected lighting with smart solutions

NGE Connect, Intégrateur de solutions digitales

Our Projects Around the World


“With Citylinx, NGE Connect will improve drastically Reims City’s operations and associated costs.”


Charles-Henri Gianina

Smart City Director , NGE Energy Services

“Citylinx connects to all Gazpar and Linky meters and provide us with a 360-degree vision of our energy consumption anytime from anywhere.”

Jean-François Rambaud

Chief of the Innovation and Expertise pole , SYDEV

“Citylinx was key to the project’s success. Its flexible architecture and innovative features allowed us to meet all our needs.”

Bénédicte Collard

Manager of the Streetlighting Department , Sibelga


Jean-Pierre Ferrand 

15-year experienced sales leader in the Smart Lighting & Smart City business, Jean-Pierre has a strong international market expertise selling open multi-technologies, multi-vendors Smart Cities & IoT monitoring solutions.

John Fiske 

Passionate about digital technologies and their potential to improve cities and municipalities, John has a deep knowledge of IoT solutions for buildings and cities with over 10 years of experience in the sector and has a proven track record of success in closing deals and developing partnerships. 

If you are a smart city hardware supplier, an integrator or a value-added reseller who wants to change the world with valuable solutions, let’s get in touch and design the solution of your dream together !

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